You Can't Beat Her, You Can't Rape Her | By: Wole Aguda

For lack of time, I have been unable to soak in all the stories out there on rape incidents. The accounts are inhuman, indecent and grossly against the lowest of known morals. I find the stories wrenching my moral self and sincerely call for coordinated action that advances the protection of children and minors from the dastardly misnomer that such actions are. Even for young ladies or the mature, rape remains an aberration unworthy of any form of negotiated interpretation outside evil, and one deserving of the condemnation of sane humanity.

Sex has been a problem for humanity and I often wonder why God just didn’t let us enjoy orgasms after good meals. The motions are overly dramatic and for a business man like myself, daunting. How men wantonly discard their dignity to force sex is a subject that I will remain puzzled about. What is it about sex really? A man who commands an entire organization wiggles and shakes, sometimes begging like a beguiled soul for a 20 minute rendezvous with a girl within his daughter’s age. Because I am a competitive person, I’d rather go through the hard work of winning the assurance and approval of a lady than force her. In my case I don’t even have time for shakara, I am a fast mover. You’re not game for friendship, I’m not game for Okpax. But rape?? Hell No! Rape is corruption, just a worse one. If I could pass the National Common Entrance examinations why can I not woo a lady to the point of consent? I have been in difficult business circumstances and came out breezing so why not masculine dexterity that wins the admiration of a female to the point of consent? I guess the guys do not know it is serious business to get a sound lady. Na project!

That said, I would quickly point out again that we must go back to the archives to leverage some understanding that scholars have shared about the perpetrators and the course of recovery for the victims. Governments should at least pretend to be academic about this to find psychological and social reprieve for victims while attending to the possible mental recession that rapists suffer. We should own a public service that creates an avenue for open discussions about the subject. Even if separated by gender, women who have been abused should have an anonymous grouping that encourages them to publicly share their experiences. People get to know about rape cases over time and so the “social stigma” concern that drives victims to mental isolation becomes unnecessary thereafter.

This closing is for brothers out there. Ladies hold the patent for the most uncanny provocations, that me, I can tell but you have no rights whatsoever to beat a woman. No you do not. You have no rights to lift a finger against any woman whom you begged a family for. It is an abuse that is socially unacceptable and even though I will not cut my friendship with you, I will practically almost have no respect for you. People whom I have no respect for become invisible. In same vein should nobody force a lady to have sex with him. If you cannot force sales that can make you a star salesman or marketer or an Innovator, you’re a major wash. If she says no, let her go. I can tell you that the world will not end at that moment or even much after. Dust yourself up like someone who failed JAMB, and try again!

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