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Thisday Style celebrates designer, Deola Sagoe at 50.

Deola Sagoe 50? She looks 20 years younger. One has to wonder how she has managed to stem the tide of time. The ace Nigerian designer was featured in the latest edition of Thisday Style and leading photographer, TY Bello had this to say about the shoot.

My portraits of Deola Sagoe  are on the cover of today’s Thisday style . You should go out and get this one . Her interview is amazing .  I remember telling her over the phone the images I had of her in my head . I described the movements and fringe details. This amazing woman just went ahead .. Sketched her interpretation of what I had described and produced some pieces for the shoot. 
More importantly she brought way more than the freedom and the spirit I had described. I can shout it from the mountaintop… Deola Sagoe is the most amazing subject a photographer can ask for . She connects so uniquely ..Her beauty runs deep and she’s understand what it means to be truly free. I still can’t believe this woman just turned 50. 

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