Spanish court calls for 2-year prison sentence for Neymar

A Spanish public prosecutor, Jose Perals has called for Barcelona player Neymar to be handed 2-year prison sentence following his involvement in a corruption case over his transfer from Brazilian club Santos to the Liga champions in 2013.  The judge also wants former Barca president Sandro Rosel jailed for 5 years and Barca fined 8.4 million euros ($8.9 million).
The Brazilian became enmeshed in a corruption scandal after  a Brazilian investment group, DIS, which owned 40 percent of Brazil forward Neymar’s transfer rights alleged it received less money than it was entitled to as Barca concealed the real transfer fee.  Jose Barral, chairman of Sonda, umbrella group for DIS, wants Barca to pay compensation while Neymar  be banned from playing during the trial.
These Barca players and tax evasion/corruption cases though.

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