Rapper eLDee takes laundry business to a new level

Rapper eLDee who has been absent from the music scene for sometime now has ventured into a new business; Washist. Washist is Nigeria’s first on-demand laundry services specializing in pick-Up, wash, press and delivery of clothes.
“It’s an interesting concept, a pretty obvious one, but our culture teaches us not to be innovative. Washist is by far the simplest of the services we are building, yet it has mega potential, and we have all our ducks in a row at the moment. I stress to my partners that we start small and scale with caution, understanding that many have failed before us. It would end up being more of a logistics nightmare if not properly planned, which is typical in Nigeria for obvious reasons. We have a solid team and we have worked out all the kinks so far.” The father of two elucidated.
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