QUICKRAIZ embarks on #IGIVE1000 campaign to fund campaigns on its site.

Nigeria’s foremost crowdfunding platform, Quickraiz, is embarking on a new scheme to make donations for campaigns on their website. The scheme is called “I GIVE 1000”.

#IGive1000 is a call for empathy from the general public to go on the Quickraiz platform, see the various campaigns, and find one they feel touched to make a thousand-naira (#1000) donation to.


The MD of Quickraiz states that the campaign was put in place to help push campaigns currently running on the site and to encourage people to see the power of their small contributions and how it can bring about positive change in the life of someone who desperately needs it. “Not only big donations matter. All donations matter. It is little beginnings that make big endings. We are using this mode of donation to let everyone see that they give a helping hand to their fellow man.”


He further states that “Quickraiz currently has a lot of campaign on its platform and audience can pick the one that they relate to or one that they connect with and make a one-thousand-naira donation or more, if the donor wishes”.

Donations on Quickraiz can be made anonymously or with a displayed identity.

Quickraiz which already has a good number of successful campaigns does all background checks and ensures the donations are passed to the beneficiaries and not the campaigner.


About Quickraiz

“Quickraiz” is an online crowdfunding and fundraising platform that allows both individuals and organizations raise funds easily and securely for causes that matter.

We provide a platform that will bridge the gap between fundraisers and donors.

Using Quickraiz as a go-to platform for personal fundraising by individuals, schools, Alumni and crowdfunding by NGOs/Charities, Health centers/Hospitals, sports centers and communities, we aim at connecting fundraisers with potential donors.

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