Paloma Manda, Zambian housemate in the 2010 edition of the Big Brother Africa All Stars has arrived Nigeria to headline an interactive television programme, a music talent hunt show and concert amongst others.
Her visit was spearheaded by Dandora Production House Limited, an Asaba-based advertising and multi-media production company.
Her choice as the host of the programme was informed by her warmth, international stature in recognition of the desire to build bridges of peace, unity and harmony in Africa while also fostering a cross-continental collaboration and synergy between Nigeria and other African countries especially in the expansion of the entertainment frontiers across cultural borders.
Tony Okrika, Chief Executive Officer, DPHL, explained that "During the Big Brother Africa show, she was well loved by everybody because of her matriarchal disposition and carriage and we feel that there is no better celebrity to mentor youths in the ways a mother can than this young lady. Our confidence in the capacity and charisma of Lady Paloma to deliver successfully on her assignment is quite high."

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