Our top reactions to Falz's take on fraud promotion in Nigerian music

Nigerian musician cum actor, Folarin Falana, also called Falz The Bad Guy caused a stir online yesterday after he implored his colleagues in the industry to stop glorifying fraud in their music videos. The comment which was made during an interview with HIPTV has not been taking lightly by music fans and colleagues, some of whom have vented their anger on their social media platforms

The trained lawyer had said, “I feel so strongly about this because an entertainers you are a role model to many especially your fans and youths. Yet in your songs you sing and greet all the yahoo boys and fraudsters. You even mention their names personally. You are destroying our future; please stop it. As an entertainer you must sing songs that portray our culture, save and transform lives. Instead all you do is give the younger ones the impression that it is cool to do crime, its very wrong.”

Check out some of our best reactions to the issue.








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