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Opinion: This tie should bind Funke Akindele, Femi Adebayo but… | By: Lanre Odukoya

Yoruba actors, Funke Akindele and Femi Adebayo, have since proven that they’re masters of their game. The number of lead roles they clinch and corporate deals that rake in millions for them help seal this just as much. But beyond the arts, they tango in matters of the heart. Their romance a couple of years back produced screaming headlines until it headed for the rock
How did the affair even end? That was shrouded in secrecy and a lot of half-truths about the break-up were paraded as facts. Anyway, Funke and Femi gave their crush a longer lifetime than necessary. They knew it would end nowhere but the love bug continued to bite until the famous romance put a dampener on the happiness of Femi’s wife, Khadijat.
Today, Funke and Femi have but the ashes of what once made them happy called “marriage”. You see why some are asking that they return to each other’s arms? They share a mutual marital status and whatever they both have learnt in their failed marriages, maybe they would be able to correct together as a lovers who once paired well. No man would envy Femi knowing why he couldn’t marry Funke.
According to a source, his dad, Adebayo Salami is averse to his children marrying anyone from the Christian faith, they were only allowed to pass time with Christian girls anyway. Khadijat, the ex-wife who had three kids with Femi hated her husband’s career. If she had her way, Femi would only resume sessions in the courtroom as a lawyer. And by the way, Femi has an LL.M while Khadijat holds an LL.B degree. She was uncomfortable with how women flocked around Femi and wished she could put a stop to that. Alas, she resorted to finding succour in someone’s arms. The last straw that broke the camel’s back was an incident that ruined Femi emotionally.
He was on the set of a movie when a text message Khadijat meant to send to the “strange man” crept into Femi’s phone instead. It read, “The idiot has left me alone with the kids as usual…” Disheartened Femi was said to have left a movie location angrily and the situation didn’t abate until Khadijat moved for divorce.
Though Khadijat is a Hijab-wearing Muslim, her ex-father in-law was said to have forewarned her not to expect monogamy if she married Femi. It’s actually alien to Oga Bello (as he’s fondly called) who glories in polygamy that produced numerous children. Femi and Funke may look good together, in fact, Funke should be able to cope with polygamy as she’d just severed one from her rested marriage with Kehinde.
Whether the duo still feel anything for each other is one and that the “no Christian spouse” embargo will be relaxed for Funke and Femi is to marry another.
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  1. Funke and Femi could easily get married, but they can't easily stay married! They are two birds of the same plucking, that should stay together, but they have the tendency and also enjoy, flock with more other birds, of the same feathers and plucking! LAUGHS. ~MurtaZa Micky Yusuf

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