Sola Fajobi

Sola Fajobi, a successful media content provider who is known for exuding a reputation anchored on creativity has added hospitality business to his rich repertoire.
Fajobi, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Interactive Media, producers of Next Movie Star and Supermom reality television shows has named his new project TROY.
A one-stop entertainment &networking centre located at Oladele Kadiri street, behind Excellence hotel Ogba, TROY is to primarily cater for the needs of upwardly mobile young men and women who desire good relaxation, fitness and beauty therapy, it boasts of well-appointed lounges, exquisite bar and gymnasium, classy spa&beauty shop and accessories store.
Fajobi further explained the motive behind the name TROY, “the historical TROY city was strong and couldn’t be acquired despite the tough war waged against it; by incorporating the beauty, good organization, formidability, strength and resilience features of TROY into our business, we hope to set a second-to-none standard and give our customers the best of services”.
Now that he’s diversified into hospitality business, Fajobi affirms his committment to entertainment “everything around me is centred on entertainment, TROY is an entertainment centre&by God’s grace, I will continue to create more interesting avenues to add value to the Nigerian entertainment industry.” He concluded.

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