More days of inexplicable Grace | Happy Birthday to me!

 It’s been God All the way. It’s been another 365 days of awesome Grace. I’m thankful for life, family, friends and loved ones. I’m thankful for all the simple pleasures of life. My soul sings, my heart leaps. Thank you all for the wishes. God bless you all. Cheers!
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  1. "…time & chance happen to them" is what the good book say, I think that's exactly what happened. I met this awesomely hot & enviable PR, writer & blogger by chance at a time & she's just a miracle. She's matchless & cuts across every facet!

    Just wanna wish u a prosperous yr as u celebrate a nu one. As u delight urslf in d Lord, may He grant ur hrt desires. U r like a tree planted by d rivers of water, ur labor ll not go unrewarded and ur fruits ll abide IJN. No gud fin ll die in ur hands. Go on n be blessed as u celebrate & keep putting smiles on our faces n the faces of peeps all over the world. U re simply a miracle!

  2. This is my turn to get my pound flesh from someone who always formed 'well-behaved kid' in front of our parent and made me look like a direct descendant of Lucifer.Remember in primary school when I purposely refused to tell Dad about the after-school lessons but you came home and exposed the well-packaged plot. *sigh* But errrrrrm,I guess the forgiveness sermon of Jesus is ever valid most espcially in the now! *Brings out another prepared speech from a well sewn agbada* To my beautiful sister, my first teacher and daycare attendant(at least according to our mum),my schoolmate(thank God we didn't end up in the same uni) and the list goes on….I love you. I poured out my heart to you before this writing..Thank you for protecting me(but it made me a spoilt kid later on o,but thanks sha)…I'm so far away from home but I miss our gists that always seemed endless(but I'm thankful u can't lord the house chores on me anymore)…I wish you God's speed,double for your trouble, gentiles shall come to ur rising and their kings to the brightness of your light,you won't be cut short in ur prime or whenever,ur life will inspire millions positively,you won't be part of the statistics that take wrong steps,men shall call you blessed,women shall fashion their lives after yours by the reason of the impact your life will make,your children will call you virtous,Proverbs 31:10-29 will be practically replicated in your life.Whoever is against your advancement will go down for you quickly,suddenly and without warning. The God of my father Oyedepo will bless you and zeal of the LORD of Hosts will bring all these to pass.Once again,happy birthday sister,I love you!

  3. Time comes around and goes through giving us much to munch on and smile about. What does one say and what does one hold back – so that you would be safe? You have come through much and you do know that you would go through a lot more. The times have had their smiling shines and their frowning fries, but Aondo was always trying to teach you something in each moment. Perhaps, it was for you to value things more or at other times, for you to learn to be what you are worth. In all, everything has brought you to a new year… Now, let my tribute start:

    Many years back, you flashed through time to come around and find space in the world of a lot of us. We adopted you and have loved you greatly since then. Victor, Femi, Sholz, Ogo, Bunmi, Goodluck and I can bring back a million memories to celebrate you – and also yab you – but what space would contain any of them? You have kept growing through the years and it fills one with joy to know that the times sing your song (I pray it would never be to the tune of wrong)… Do you remember that Chachanji night when you people did that your crazy dance? Walahi, you didn't know how to dance o! But who would agree that women don't know how to dance! Once they wriggle small and men look at what they shouldn't rather than appreciate rhythm, the women would be applauded. Inyama. Sha, shei you remember all those Fulani days too there and all those dances. Reminds me of when you and Sholz tricked me into dancing so that you could all admire the wriggling snaky twist. Hmmm. Na wa o. Okay o… And all those days of serious hunger that service slapped your way… Hee hee hee. I remember once when it was only your neck that was available. But I have gone too far in the future of that past, what of the time of camp? With that your shawl and all the night waka… But lemme not expose you.

    Lagos came and there was that new phase… Do I bring memories of then too? Lemme pity you jare… You are welcome…

    Do I need to swear for you again on your writing or poetry? You need to pick that up. You have come far, but you would go farther gal. There's a whole great stretch of life for you to cover. You have covered the miles but prepare, gear up, get the vehicle, prepare more and move on to conquer all those moments that are simply begging you.

    Don't go following ways that are not right. Create all through your might and become your mega star, a gem in your own right. You would see many more days, you would conquer far more. But be kidded not, there would be more challenges, more sighs, more cries but if you hold fast, hold on to God, and remember that even despite the darkness of simple humanity, divine bliss, goodness and love still remains of the children of the earth, you would find greater peace, contentment and ease.

    Grab love, grab strength, make each moment count and know through all, we would be here with you. Happy Birthday Ololade Olatunji the dazzling radiant lady. You are something. Never forget that and note that you really are special. May Aondo's grace never stop to fall like dew on your face. You are in our thoughts.

    1. Longest sigh ever! Thank you Edward, for always having my back and inspiring me to write more poetry. If not for the scolding, would have forgotten everything about poetry ages ago. Thanks for being a fantastic mentor.

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