Mikel Arteta revealed as the man who provoked Messi in the tunnel

Remember the tunnel incident involving Messi and an unnamed man few days ago? Read it here

The unnamed man has been identified. It was Guardiola’s assistant, Mikel Arteta who irked and insulted the Argentine at the tunnel shortly after their clash with Barcelona on Tuesday.

Spanish radio station, La Cope learnt that immediately the former Arsenal player sighted Messi waiting outside the referee’s room, he said: ‘Anda tontorrón, vete y métete en tu vestuario,’ meaning: ‘Move along stupid, get yourself in your dressing room.’

To which Messi who was already angry about the team’s defeat replied: ‘Bobo, vení y da la cara!’ which translates to: ‘come over here and say that to my face, stupid’.

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