Jurgen Klopp declares Liverpool unbeatable and then apologizes.

Whatever entered into Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp that made him declare his team unbeatable didn’t stay for long, as the German apologized shortly after the ridiculous pronouncement.
Liverpool and Chelsea shared spoils at Anfield yesterday.  After Chelsea missed a late penalty in the 1-1 draw, Jurgen Klopp had an exchange with fourth official Neil Swarbrick, screaming ‘No one can beat us’.  He later apologized for his actions saying it was a spur of the moment statement.
He told reporters after the match, “Sorry, I want to say something because no one has asked me about it. It was the fourth official thing. I know this from Germany, people writing a big story from reading lips or whatever. So ‘nobody can beat us’ is what I said. That’s obviously not true! But it felt for me like this in this moment.”
He continued, “I said, ‘Sorry, I was a little bit excited,’ and he said: ‘No problem, I like your passion.’ That actually I’ve never heard from a fourth official before so I thought it made sense you knew about it.”

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