How To Get Married In 5 Months Using Social Media

Ok. If you are really serious about getting married in 5 months or earlier than that, don’t take these tips to heart.
As far as I’m concerned, it is a joke for people having a bad day and who need something hilarious to snap out of their bad mood. (I hope it is hilarious enough). Written by Lagos-based socialite, Dokun Olumofin, on his Instagram page.
1. You must have a professional photographer (this will enhance your images and beauty for potential suitors)
2. You must post bible quotes (every man wants a religious woman)
3. You must post classy and decent pictures at least 4 times a week
4. Recommendation for your Instagram bio (virgo, lawyer,lover of life,super chef/cook, Christian or Muslim, independent woman, arsenal , Chelsea, man united lover)
5. You must have one beautiful Aso-Ebi picture (most men love the trad look)
6. You must post a baby picture caption (I love children)
7.  Follow very few male celebs (so you will not be perceived as celebrity groupie)
8. If a man you admire likes your picture send him a DM instantly. (you are not desperate)
9.  Mingle with older women
10.  You must have attractive food cooked by you on social media.
11. You must have 1 video twerking (every man wants a sexy babe & thirsty dudes turn to husbands)
12. You must have a picture of your parents posted.
13. Change your bio picture regularly
14. Post the church you attend on social media.
15. Attack or insult your crush on social media to get his attention (this works all the time)
16. Drop the following emojis on his pictures ????????
17. Never use the following emojis on social media ?????
18. You must have an office picture or a picture showing what you do.
17. Remove your account from private (you are hiding from your future husband)
Conclusion – once you find that man, delete both your accounts.
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