Health Talk: Unexpected Breast Milk Discharge& What To Do

The body system is made in such that there is always a check and balance in every cellular activity taking place in the body. It could be a positive or negative feedback mechanism. But unexpected breast milk discharge is caused the hormones in the body.
What the hormones do?
Hormones are chemical substances which act as messengers in the body that as created in the endocrine glands.  The messengers control major body functions and understanding them will help you take control of your health especially in women (for puberty, pregnancy, delivery and lactation).
Examples of major hormones in the body
Vitamin D
Androgen and so on
 How the breast milk develops in the body
Prolactin and oxytocin are the hormones primarily responsible for production of breast milk in female, but they work through a negative feedback mechanism with oestrogen and progesterone. Prolactin hormone stimulates the production of the milk while oxytocin is responsible for ejection reflex of the breast milk.
These hormones in the body works inversely or directly proportional in the way they secreted. When prolactin increases, progesterone and oestrogen reduces in the body. However the oestrogen which is responsible for menstrual flow decreases and menstruation is generally affected.
Therefore prolactin can inhibit ovulation in a lady’s system preventing the release of eggs (ovaries) at the female reproductive system.
What causes unexpected breast milk discharge?

  1. Chronic use of contraceptives

Irrational use of contraceptives can lead to unexpected breast milk discharge.  When a female takes a contraceptives pills when there is actually no sperm deposit into the system (uterus). The progesterone pill ingested can alter the natural hormonal secretion pattern in her body, therefore increasing the prolactin and oxytocin level causing a sudden production of breast fluid.

  1. Lactogenic foods

Consumption of some foods like millet, barley, bounce rice, coconut water, raw almonds, oatmeal, fenugreek, carrots, asparagus, yam, pea, sweet potatoes, if taken in excess over a long time can also lead to a sudden production of breast fluids.
This doesn’t mean the foods be avoided, the natural foods provide outstanding benefits to the body.
What you should do
When you develop breast fluids or fullness of the breast when unexpected, visit a Gynaecologist and work with your Pharmacist for proper treatment. Leaving the condition unattended to can affect your chances of giving birth and affect your wellbeing.
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