Gary Neville rips into Koscielny, Walcott and Ozil

Former Manchester United player Gary Neville has criticized Arsenal trio Laurent Koscielny, Theo Walcott and Mesut Ozil following their performances during Gunners’ 2-2 draw with Manchester City on Sunday.
The pundit told Sky Sports News after the game that the trio are not putting in their best for the club.
“I might be being a bit harsh here, but I’m going to say them anyway. Koscielny always goes off. He’s a centre-back. He plays to half-time and then goes off. He might have a bit of a problem with his Achilles and I might be being very harsh, but he went off against Bayern Munich and went off in a big game today.” 
“Walcott trudges off the pitch. He hasn’t played well, but his attitude is, ‘I’ve scored a goal, you shouldn’t take me off.’ Yes you should, you were poor and that’s a matter of fact. Mesut Ozil goes through on goal and bottles out of a challenge when his manager’s backside is on the line. Go for a 50-50 or nick in front and win a penalty.
On Ozil, he added that, “I can’t be  watching him playing football sometimes, someone who has so much talent. when you watch Messi and Ronaldo give their all in every match, Ozil struts around like a worker in a coal mine.”
There’s three instances today and I’m being harsh, but if you’re talking about throwing the cat among the pigeons, let’s do it. Let’s throw it out there. Arsene Wenger deserved for Koscielny to at least have a go for five minutes in the second half. Go on mate, have a go for us. No, he didn’t.”
“Theo Walcott should sprint off the pitch and shake the manager’s hand and say, ‘Thanks very much for giving me a game today. I’m lucky.’ Mesut Ozil should go for a 50-50 with the goalkeeper. That would help, wouldn’t it?”

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