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Ex Schalke player presumed dead in 2016, found alive and well.

Former Schalke player, Hiannick Kamba has reportedly been found alive and well in Germany, four years after being presumed dead in a car crash in his native Congo in January 2016. German tabloid newspaper, Bild claimed the 33 year-old was found in Gelsenkirchen, where he works as a chemical technician for an energy company in Ruhr.

His club VfB Huls, published an obituary, saying, “He represented the ideas and values ​​of our club like few others. His demise will leave a big gap. Hiannick is undoubtedly a bitter sporting loss for us, but primarily we will miss it as a fellow human being.”

But where has he been all these while?

The talented right-back told the authorities that he was separated from his friends during a trip in Congo and left without any documents, money or a phone.

Public prosecutor, Anette Milk is quoted in the newspaper thus, “Kamba claims he was abandoned by friends overnight in Congo in January 2016 and left without documents, money and a cell phone, In the event of his disappearance, Kamba was pronounced dead in 2016 and his ex-wife claimed a low, six-figure amount on his life insurance.

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The woman who has a 10 year-old son with him and is being investigated for fraud, denied the fraud charges saying she only found out about the insurance after being informed of his presumed death. However, in 2018 Kamba allegedly went to the German embassy in Kinshasa to report the ‘fake news’ about his death.

The Congolese is currently awaiting a verdict for the ongoing investigation into fraud.



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