David Moyes apologizes for threatening to slap a female journalist

David Moyes has found himself at the centre of controversy after threatening to slap a female journalist.
After Sunderland’s 0-0 draw with Burnley on March 18, BBC Newcastle and Radio Five Live reporter Vicki Sparks asked Moyes if the presence of owner Ellis Short had put him under some sort of pressure, infuriated by the question, the former Manchester United coach told Sparks “she might get a slap even though you are a woman”. The sexist comment sparked outrage on social media with many calling for his ban or sack.

When asked to explain the slap remark, Moyes during a press conference on Monday apologized to Sparks acknowledging that the words were deeply regretted.
“In the heat of the moment, I made a mistake in my comment to a BBC reporter which I profoundly regret. I was disappointed with myself for it. I subsequently phoned the reporter and apologized, which she accepted. It’s not my character, it’s not my type, as most people know. Once again, I apologized for it. I think people who know me would say what I’m about. In the heat of the moment, I used the wrong words.”
Meanwhile, the FA are said to be “seeking observations” from both Moyes and the Premier League club before deciding whether to take any further action.

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