Cristiano Ronaldo unveils second hotel

Cristiano Ronaldo is planning big for his post-football life.

Pestana CR7 Lisbon Hotel

CR7 suite Pestana CR7 Lisbon hotel

The Bernabeu star has unveiled his second hotel in Portugal called ‘Pestana CR7 Lisboa’. This good news is coming few days after his private jet crashed land at Barcelona airport. 

CR7 Lisbon hotel lounge

Speaking at the launch, the Madrid forward revealed the impressive new venture is one of his post-football retirement plans.  ​​”Life is not just about football. Although football is my grand passion, I must start to think about the future. I don’t have many years left, about 10 more or less, so I must look to the future. When I was young I had the dream of having my own hotel. Now I have two, and I am proud it is in Lisbon. I couldn’t not have a hotel in Lisbon, a city which is part of my history as I have played here.”

A blurb of the hotel reads thus 
Pestana CR7 Lisbon Hotel

The CR7 experience begins as soon as guests step in the lobby from the animated screens in the lifts that explore Cristiano Ronaldo’s life story to the surround sound sensors in the staircases which project the sounds of cheering fans in a football stadium. In the rooms, the world of sports continues with a detailed sequence of seven footsteps on the carpets that replicated the real sprint of Ronaldo.

The luxurious 82-room development with rooms costing upwards of £200-a-night, with €1,250 the going price for a stay at the rooftop CR7 suite comes fully equipped with a 48″ HD TV, PlayStation 4 with virtual reality glasses & games, and cardio work-out equipment. Floors are named according to years of the 31 year-old’s playing career.
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