Body acidity might be one of the reasons you fall sick often

By: Tope Ijaola
You fall sick often. Done everything you could to stay healthy but nothing seems to be working. The problem could be that your body is too acidic.
The body system has been naturally made to cope by balancing between acidity and alkalinity to strike a equilibrium at any point in time. If you don’t know or believe, it is true and I’m telling you this moment that the body can be too acidic and it can cause problems for you.
The facts is that when the body become too acidic, the body produce a buffer which provide an alkali to balance the overall pH of the body cells and likewise if the body cells is more of alkaline. That’s why they say too much of something will end up in a problem. But this piece is focusing on acidity of the body as it can cause a lot of damage to the body than you expect and more so, theses damages might not show any sign or symptom until organ began to fail in their functions.

What is Acidity?

A condition of consistent increase in the acidic level produced in the body at any point in time. In other words when the acidic level of the body gives a value as low as 2.0; on a pH scale at any point in time and temperature which leads to disease conditions in the body system.

Why does the body get so acidic?

Foods such as meat, cheese, milk, grain and carbohydrates, when broken down produces acids and these put pressure on the regulatory organs in the body which help to buffer the effect of increase acidic secretion in the body. Organs include the lungs, liver, kidney and other parts of the digestive system. Therefore the more acids produced; the more these organs work to produce alkali to buffer the body’s equipment.

Effects of acidity in the body

  • It affects the bones, joints, connective tissues, teeth, muscles and other organ systems
  • General body wellness can be affected as well as fatique, heartburn, nausea and vomiting
  • Acids in the body system provide a comfortable growth condition for organisms
  • It can affect your sex life
  • Pain and inflammation leading to Arthritis and Fibromyalgia
  • It can also particularly affect the kidney and the urinary tract

How to avoid acidity and treat it naturally
Eat less of meat, cheese, processed foods and carbohydrates. Taking less of these meals can directly reduce acidity produced from the natural breakdown process in the body. Stay more on grains and vegetables.
Make drinking water a regular habit. The advantages of taking water cannot be over emphasized; it can help to speed up excretion of excess acids and also dilute them in the body.
Honey therapy. It’s useful in maintaining health of the stomach, tones up the stomach, proper digestion and decrease the over production of hydrochloric acid.
Fruits are very good to neutralize the acidity. Grape fruits, Coconuts and Sugar cane help to naturally neutralize acid secretion in the stomach.
Tope Ijaola is a pharmacist/health professional. He blogs at

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