Be A Panda! Patrice Evra launches campaign to tackle racism

Marseille defender, Patrice Evra has unveiled a campaign; ‘Be A Panda’ aimed at tackling racism. In a video posted on his instagram page, the former Manchester United player says he ‘wants to bring my positive energy to everyone’ and enjoined everyone to make a difference
“The Panda is here to stay! We together @dugout @beapandaofficial want to make a difference . He’s black he’s white he’s Asian he’s chubby. #saynotoracism #ilovethisgame ??? show your support with #beapanda and let’s make a difference.”

Explaining the campaign further, the 35 year-old said,

‘Be a Panda is something really funny but is a serious matter, It is against racism. It is against bullying. That’s why Be a Panda is black, is white, is Asian and is chubby, because he is eating a lot. I just want to bring my positive energy to everyone. I think we should live happily and we have only one life, so yolo (You only live once) and I love this game.  I love this game and it is all about that so I want everyone to love this game. And, of course, be a Panda. ‘For all the chat, for the future, the world will be better with a Panda.’

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