Archiving Lagos: Telling The Story Of Lagos In Pictures

Archiving Lagos was borne out of the need to catalogue present day Lagos as it expands, preserve the people, the culture, the commerce and every aspect of Lagos in photos.
Lagos is constantly expanding, growing into the Mega city it should be. It’s very important we have past and present photos for future generations about it. catalogue this story as it unfolds…
We need your help to make this happen. Got pictures of Lagos that are worth sharing? Click on www.archivinglagos.com and upload those shots.
We desire to capture everything that makes Lagos, Lagos… The club scenes on the island, the amala joints in shitta, the gated streets almost everywhere, the crazy bus drivers that don’t look before entering the roads, lastma and VIO that torment some Lagos road users, the malls that sell things most people can’t afford … Everything is important in this history making project.
Go through your phones, select and upload those pictures you know happened in Lagos or even visit our site for starters.
Lagos is already grateful to you.

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