After 7 years, Mascherano finally scores his first goal for Barcelona

Barcelona’s Javier Mascherano is trending right now. The Argentine has scored his first goal for Barca after 7 years at the club and 319 games. He achieved the ‘feat’ today during the Catalans’ 7-1 victory against Osasuna.

Watching Mascherano score his first goal

So a penalty came up during the game and Rakitić offered the penalty to Mascherano so that he could score his first goal for the club, his first league goal since 15th March 2008.
“It is an anecdote that a player like Mascherano had not scored a goal. Mascherano is a top player, his performance is beyond doubt, he is a born competitor who makes his team better.” Coach Luis Enrique stated.
Mascherano said, “The goal is more of a show of affection from the fans and the players than anything else. I’m not worried about not scoring but the insistence of everyone was hard to say no. It wasn’t planned.”

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