96ers primed for upscaled publicity in 2022- Adenugba (PRO Candidate)

Bodun Adenugba, is vying for the position of a Public Relations Officer of the Federal Government College, FEGCO 96ERS (1996 set).

Bodun, who is also monikered SPRUCE and GUBE is an Entrepreneur and CEO/MD of ACTIVISION INTEGRATED RESOURCES LTD, a Real Estate Marketing company with over a decade of field experience.

Described as a humble, passionate, sociable, accommodating, focused and disciplined man. Bodun knows his mettle and is fully committed to serve. “I have considered our group needs, and I have assessed my capabilities. I am fit as fiddle for the role. No iota of doubt about that.” He said.

Bodun acknowledged the efforts of the outgoing executives whilst pledging to work hand in hand with other newly elected executives to create laudable initiatives.

I will come up with new innovations on how to better interrelate with mates so that everyone’s voices can be heard and they can make contributions for the betterment of our noble group. When elected, I would raise the level of P.R for all of the house meetings in order to make certain that attendance to these meetings is not only maintained but also increased. By working closely with the other executive members I hope to make sure that all house meetings gain the level of attention that the social gatherings do by using all of the possible resources open to me.” He enthused.

On being seen as a controversial person, he added, “The aspiration for perfection is a continuous one. Every day we keep learning better ways of doing things, relating better with people – all in the greater interest of the group. I have learnt and still learning. My confidence is in our collective strength to rise above personal issues to the greater good of 96ers. Remember, I belong to no one. The role serves every 96er.”

The race is between himself and a colleague Mr. Ifiok Essien who is also seen as good sport. Mr Bodun who is known for daily news updates has been consistent in promoting news articles in the group for upwards of 4 years now. He is by every stretch, one of the most active members of the 96ers group and is loved and respected for his candour, frank talk and often controversial stances. He is passionate about his beliefs and is currently seen as the underdog in a race that is bound to be highly competitive.

Asked what his reaction would be if he loses, he responds: “I will congratulate my brother and share my ideas with him. My aspiration is not for Gube, it is for 96ers. We rise by lifting others so no wahala. I am however confident that 96ers will vote me if competence and availability to work is the focus.”

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