4 Reasons Why Wenger Should Leave ~ By: Temitope Bolarinwa

Why #WengerOut
The 29th round of matches is upon us and there are a lot of new things happening in the English premier league except in the red part of North London. As usual the rounds of 16 matches of the UEFA champions’ league have passed and Arsenal will play no further part. Arsenal did not win the League Cup (Capital One Cup) and have not yet won that since Wenger took over reigns in 1996. Arsenal FC unseated Manchester United in 6th Position; 19 points behind league leaders Chelsea albeit with a game in hand and 6 points behind 4th placed Liverpool FC. Although Arsenal still has hopes alive in the F.A. Cup, the club has Manchester City awaiting them in the semi-final fixture with Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspurs in the other semi final fixture. This situation makes the hope of silverware very bleak for the gunners this season leaving many fans to believe that the best the club can achieve this season is a top four finish to guarantee champions league football next season. Many of the club supporters are now very weary of this reality making them to bring back a now becoming familiar chant of #WengerOut.
While the man at the helm may have steered the club through really challenging times, many of the supporters of the club think that enough is enough and that both parties would be better if parted. Here are four reasons why the opinion of most fans 10-2 be correct.

  1. Wenger plays every team the same way: Whether it is Lincoln or Barcelona, Preston or Chelsea; whether the other team has 3 at the back or is playing a high pressing game, Arsenal under Wenger always set out with the same game play. The dynamics of the modern game does not give any club the luxury of getting a lot of success approaching every game the same way. The modern game has a name and change is that name, if you don’t change quickly enough, you are beaten. Managers who have tasted success more recently have simply understood this and give each game what it takes and not simply use a one approach fits all. The days Arsenal enjoyed a lot of success and very evidently had a more competitive squad, they fell short again and again by approaching every opposition with the same style of play.

2. All good things really have an end: You have to pick a time to leave and if you did not take your bow when the ovation is loudest, you have to take the walk even if it is without any ovation. At 21 years on the job, he is very easily the longest serving football manager in the world. When the salt has lost its taste, it’s really time to look for another seasoning.
3. Wenger has nothing new to offer: After 20 years of trying, we can tell that Wenger cannot win the champions league and the league cup with Arsenal. He has achieved the same level of success with various types and calibre of players, so we can tell it is not about how good the players are or are not, this is simply the best Wenger can produce and we have seen it all. It is injustice to all for a person who can no longer offer anything new to continue at a job when new methods and new victories is a constant expectation.
4. Wenger is no longer the shrewd man he was in the transfer market: I am trying really hard to remember the last shrewd business Wenger made in the transfer market, the way he has managed the club in the last 5 years at least, we have continuously seen youngsters prefer other rival clubs to coming to Arsenal. Without any name calling, Arsenal has missed out on a lot of potential stars for the future and the youngsters that have settled with Arsenal recently have not been outstanding. Apart from aptly signing Cech from Chelsea, there has not been that masterstroke he once had in transfer business. He even passed on the buyback clause Arsenal had on Cesc Fabregas with the resultant that Fabregas literally assisted Chelsea to the league at Arsenal’s expense. Transfer business is one highlight of Wenger’s success story and even that is gone, so #WengerOut.
With Wenger’s inability to cross the last sixteen of the champions’ league for many years now, inability to deliver the premiership even losing to Leicester city in 2016, poor transfer market dealings, tactical deficiency that makes his team approach every game with the same tactics and practically showing nothing new from his sleeves; it is time to kiss the professor goodbye. Hopefully in a new role in another football establishment, he can find success. Please #WengerOut.

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