Who knew the legendary Ronaldinho almost laced his boots for the Red Devils?

In a recent interview with FourFourTwomagazine, the Brazilian revealed he was 48 hours” from signing for Manchester United in 2003. He was a suitable replacement for David Beckham who was sold to Real Madrid in 2003.

“It almost happened with United. It was a matter of 48 hours, but Sandro Rosell had told me way before I got the offer: “If I become Barça president, will you come?” I said yes. It was only a matter of details with United when Rosell called to say he was going to win the elections there. And I had promised to him that I’d play for Barça… It was a quick negotiation.

I told the English I had chosen Barça. It was the right choice. Brazilians have always loved Barça. We have a history there. Off the pitch it is like nowhere else in Europe, so we are always happy playing there. I miss Barcelona a lot. I had five fantastic seasons there, at a club that likes strikers and talented players.”