About six months ago, Chelsea player, Diego Costa was not convinced Chelsea was the right club to be in and almost left the club for Atletico Madrid in the summer. Another factor that influenced his decision to leave England was his family. The 28 year-old said he however changed his mind having seen the amount of affection showered on him by colleagues and fans.

The Spain international said “Could I have gone in the summer? Yes, yes. I was about to leave. I was about to but, well, I am happy here as well and that’s that.  I had the possibility to go to Atletico, because of a few things, the family, the life I have there.

“But not because of Chelsea, because, here, there is a lot of love with the supporters, with the people, so I am here very happy, I am very content.

“People love me a lot. There was one thing I wanted to change for family reasons but, well, it was not to be and I continue to be happy here. It was important too that the manager, from the very first minute, said he counted on me.”