If we were to make a list of top ten most slammed coaches in football in recent times, Arsene Wenger’s name will hang around top four.

The Frenchman has confessed he is unfazed by criticisms from fans over their dismal performances and chiefly their position on the log. The Arsenal coach said he will not be distracted as the team tries to contend for the title.

Wenger told the club’s official website. “I am not immune to critics. But I am immune to excessive reaction. I have been in the job long enough to put that into perspective as part of people who love the club that are really disappointed on Monday morning and get their frustration out. We have to live with that.

“You know you do not go in the season and have no disappointment. We have just lost two games, of course it is tough but City did not win for six, Tottenham for four or five, Manchester United as well, all the teams go through that. 

“The teams who respond well have the most successful seasons. It is part of it. In 20 years I had very few seasons where you start on the motorway and you finish on the motorway with no car in front of you. 

“The most excessive reactions get the biggest echo in the press. That is just society. We have gone that way that if you have five candidates to be elected Prime Minister you organise the vote one Sunday and people will elect one. You organise a vote for the next Sunday and you might elect somebody else. 

“That is where we are today and we have to live with that and the excessive reactions.”