Portuguese club, Boavista FC are allegedly owing Nigerian footballers, Uche Nwofor and Micheal Uchebo arrears of salaries and treating them as slaves, BBC Journalist, Shina Okeleji has learnt. Okeleji made the revelation in a series of tweets via his personal accounts (twitter.com/oluwashina). His tweets below:

The players refused a pay cut at the start of 2016/17 season.  Boavista president then gave instruction for them to be COMPLETELY ISOLATED.. To add insult to injury, they’re barred from the club’s training ground, shunned at team gatherings – & isolated from the rest of the squad. Fifa rules states that a player must NOT train in isolation. But Boavista made them train without a trainer, doctor & a Physio. When Uchebo and Nwofor attempted to use the club facilities, securities acting on the order of the Boavista president pushed them out.

Uchebo has gone unpaid for months & banished from the training facilities since July. Him: “I asked Boavista why? They won’t say a word.” To save his career Nwofor agreed to terminate his contract in Sept but Boavista  boss Alvaro Braga has failed to pay his €110k compensation.

Nwofor’s handlers & Fifpro discovered that Boavista misled the league body by registering the termination but without the compensation. Deadline for payment of €110k has elapsed & Boavista have refused to pay. Nwofor has since tried to contact them but they’ve ignored his phone calls. In a video recording from the facilities. Uchebo can be heard in that video asking why he’s being thrown out by Boavista security. One of the players reps Kobe Benson told me: The club Boavista is a notoriously dishonest side with no respect for FIFA rules/regulations. Benson: “No options but to report them to the authorities. With the amount of evidence, I have no doubt that they will be punished severely”

Benson also added that the club will be made to pay the full value of Uchebo’s remaining contract and Nwofor’s agreed compensation. Nwofor on Boavista: “They are gangsters. They force you to reduce salary or force you out. In france  & Germany this cruel things don’t happen.”

Spare a thot for Uchebo, Boavista fail to pay his house rent, electricity & tax bills. Landlord threatens eviction & stopped from training.

Nwofor: “A crazy situation we had to start keeping evidence. You’re working, they don’t pay U & use security to harass U. This is slavery.”

Portuguese league body allows Boavista to get away with such deplorable acts & allow them sign players even though they owe Nwofor & Uchebo

The club was punished & relegated in 2008 by the league body for gross misconduct. It appears that punishment did nothing to change them.

I spoke to club administrator Diogo Braga about this situation few months back. He requested I sent an email. He never replied or text back.

Boavista security officer to Uchebo in Portuguese “I know he is recording but I am going to hit this guy. I want to put this guy to sleep”

‘Living in fear’  Boavista security officer can be heard on video threatening to punch Nigeria striker Michael Uchebo and put him to sleep.

This is a very serious threat & a criminal offence in most parts of Europe. A big case for Portuguese football. Deplorable act by Boavista

Brave Uchebo admits he lives in fear for his life in Boavista but prays about it. Compatriot Nwofor: “I was very scared in Boavista.” Nwofor: “I was intimidated & threatened by Boavista security instructed by Alvaro Braga the president. How do these people sleep at night.” “I’m happy that me & my family managed to terminate & leave safely. Thou they refuse to give me my money, my life is more important”

Boavista security to Nwofor: “Last night after training, the president told me you and Uchebo shouldn’t come in here.

“Summary: Nwofor terminated his contract and joined Slovak side Trencin in September, but Boavista have not paid his €110k compensation fee. Barred from training and unpaid, Uchebo still has a contract with Boavista as Portugal Players’ Union steps in. Case now with Fifpro& FIFA.

There are more damning videos detailing several atrocious behaviour by Boavista in breach of FIFA rules. I’ll share when I get ’em.