Manchester City coach, Pep Guardiola has acknowledged Yaya Toure’s apology letter but admitted it makes no difference.  Recall that the Ivorian wrote an open letter to the team apologising on behalf of himself and his agent for misunderstandings from the past and chiefly hoping he can be recalled to the first team but going by the look of things the Spaniard might be done with him.

 Speaking at a news conference, Guardiola said, “I spoke with Yaya this morning and of course it is a private conversation so I know what happened, what he said, of course. ’It’s so important for Manchester City, that’s the most important thing. And of course for Yaya, who I appreciate. I have known him for a long time,”“I read what he wrote and that’s all. Of course it’s good news for Manchester City but it’s most important for Yaya as well. “Yaya was in all our meetings and training sessions. You knew the situation. Nothing changed.”

The former Bayern Manabger also rubbished bust-up rumours between his assistant, Mikel Arteta and Messi which surfaced this week.

“I spoke to Arteta. It’s impossible that incident happened. He admires Barcelona players. He admires Messi a lot.” He added.