Just like other sportsmen, former Barcelona goalkeeper, Victor Valdes is also preparing for life after football.

The Middlesbrough skipper has partnered with a Barcelona-based startup group called Tramontana Adventure and launched his own mobile dating app called “Hola Dating.” He hopes to release the app in the Android Play Store and iOS App Store pretty soon.

“We think that in the dating world, you can feel attracted to someone on the bus, the metro, in a cafe, or in a college or club. But, you don’t necessarily have the courage to approach them and break the ice. Therefore you need this app.

“Here I’m on the app and the system says ‘Hola’ and gives me a brown-orange colour. The system is giving me a completely random colour. Then, I show this message to the person I want to start a conversation with and that person can search for me and my profile thanks to the colour I’ve shown them. So then, we can start a conversation in a private channel.” The 34 year-old explained in a video uploaded on Twitter.