Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola appears on the front of October's Spanish GQ

Call him  a style king and you won’t be wrong.

Guardiola discusses 'Manchester, music, football and lots of rain' in his interview with GQ

That Manchester City player, Pep Guardiola has a keen and undeniable
sense of fashion is one fact that is eternally closed for debate.
On several occasions, he’s been seen on the touchline looking smart and
dapper in bespoke and well-fitted suits. On some nights, he sports well-fitted
overcoats and his separate jacket and trouser combinations having never been a
The City boss is the on the cover of the October edition of the Spanish
GQ magazine and he looks nothing short of amazing. The 45 year-old donned a navy
blue shirt and trousers for his cover shot, with the strapline ‘Guardiola on
Manchester (music, football and lots of rain)’.

  Guardiola appears on the streets of Manchester with the headline 'the man that changes'