Chairman of China's Wanda Group Wang Jianlin.
Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin
who bought a 20% stake in Atletico Madrid in February 2015 and Phillippe Blatter, a nephew to former
FIFA helmsman, Sepp Blatter are about giving existing football leagues a run
for their money. The duo who own Dalian Wanda
and Infront Media respectively are working towards creating
a new football tournament. The pair are in talks with leagues and clubs and even
have the backing of Javier Tebas, the President of Spain’s La Liga.
“Wanda Sports representatives are in regular conversations with many
stakeholders in the industry to explore ways in which today’s sports landscape
and business can be further developed.
“There are varying ideas and concepts in discussion – all still in a
very early stage. They need careful further consideration and exploration, as
well as involvement of all concerned parties.
“Whether and when they
would become a reality is still dependent on many factors beyond Wanda Sport’s
area of influence, and on an ongoing exchange with all key representatives in
the industry.”
 Tebas added in an interview with Financial
Times, “If (European club competition) is reorganised as Wanda has set out,
there is a greater opportunity to generate more revenue from audio-visual