If you don’t believe Chelsea legend, John Terry almost signed for Manchester United, this picture should serve as a little proof. 

The ex England skipper shared the image on his Instagram page with the caption, ‘Flashback to a young 14 year old JT. Who would have thought I would go onto win 4 Premier Leagues and 5 FA Cups. I have so much respect for Sir Alex Ferguson and will never forget what he done for me and my family.’
But JT in an old interview revealed how he was almost snapped up by former Red Devil coach, Alex Ferguson. 

‘I was Man United growing up. You know what it’s like when you’re a boy, you want to support the team that’s winning everything. And my dad and granddad were Man United fans. But my first day at Chelsea I knew that was the club I wanted to be at. I just loved it. But Man United also approached me.

‘I met Alex Ferguson – great to meet. During the school holidays I would go up to Manchester and train with their boys for two weeks, play a few games and come home. But one thing that was really special about Man United was that Alex Ferguson took time out and invited me to one of their games and to have lunch with their players.

‘So there we are – me, my mum and dad, my brother. He made me feel so special, autographs, my photo done with the Premiership trophy. I think it was hard for my dad to take that I was going to sign for Chelsea, but I had to sit him down and tell him it was definitely the right decision.’