Albeit he admitted one of Manchester United’s new signings, Paul Pogba was worth the record fee, former Red Devil centre-back, Rio Ferdinand would have none of the comparison between the former Juventusand one of the club’s greats, Roy Keane.  Brushing aside claims that Pogba will step into Keane’s shoes, the 37 year-old said, ‘Pogba is not the new Keano, far from
it. Pogba is a very different kind of personality when you compare him to Roy,
but we can all see the talent he has got and that is why United are trying to
get him back now.
Roy was a driving force for our team,
he was in your face and he demanded high standards of everyone around him.
That’s what made him such a great winner and a true champion for United. There
will never be another Roy Keane. He was a one-off for a variety of reasons.

Pogba is not like that. I was at
United when Pogba was there first time around and he is a kid who will need to
be handled correctly.
He is a bit of an extrovert off the
field and doesn’t always do things in a conventional fashion, but there is
nothing wrong with that if he is producing the goods on the pitch. It doesn’t
matter what anyone says about the fee that Juventus are getting for Paul Pogba
because that is the going rate and the money Man Utd bring in from a variety of
sources means they can justify this kind of transfer.

You are investing in massive
potential. This guy could be the best midfielder in world football for the next
ten years and if he spends those years at United, then it would be a good