Newly-signed Manchester United player, Paul Pogba’s world
record transfer fee has raised not a few eyebrows but Jose Mourinho doesn’t
care whose ox is gored. The former Juventus player was reportedly snapped for
around $116 million surpassing the current transfer record of $112.2 million
Real Madrid paid Tottenham for Gareth Bale 3 years ago. The 23 year-old midfielder has flown into
Manchester for his medical and should be unveiled in the coming days.
The former Chelsea manager has however hailed his employers’ spectacular signing.
“No, I don’t think Real Madrid was upset when they broke
the record with Gareth Bale or when they broke the record with Cristiano Ronaldo,
I think that was a world record too. When other people break records, I don’t
think it’s a reason to be sad. I think it’s a reason to be proud with the
dimension of the club that can do that and can attract players of this

“If you ask if I think it is a lot of money, I think
football is crazy, the market has become crazy. What you think this season is
crazy, you realise that three years later it’s not crazy any more. And I think
there are players that cost ten million that are super expensive because there
are players who are four hundred or five hundred thousand or one million. What
is expensive and what is not expensive in football, I don’t know any more. I
just know that he’s a big player that is going for sure to be important for a
big club like Man United. And I’m sure that every Man United fan around the
world will be proud to belong to such a big club.”