For now, I may be the most less-than-capable person to discuss anything marriage related but I find it disturbingly amusing that we are losing our common sense as youths because of cheap data and Samsung phones. I am yet to watch the video clip that generated the nauseating hues but I have read news about his position along lines of women and the chore of cooking among some other remarks attributed to him. When I see and hear from a man who has been married for more than 40 years, African tradition teaches me that the words that come from such a person may be 99% wise to follow.
We are the generation that now celebrates 5th wedding anniversaries like the Oscar Awards because the tenets that held our parents marriages together and which resulted in the enduring, refined and long standing unions that we emerged from have been eroded by fantastically corrupt “civilization” and odoriferous westernization.

For many of us, we never even made it to our 5th anniversaries before the roofs came down yet we have the electronic guts to punch nonsense from minds fed by education earned in ASUU strike-stricken schools and silly television series. A man that has been married for over 40 years should never find himself become subject of discussion from anyone less than 50 (this is still Africa) except for praise and admiration.
To the issues: should a woman cook or not? No she shouldn’t. It doesn’t make sense. Her hands are made for manicure and feet for pedicure. Her fingers are not to cut onions but to tweet about feminist rights and their “abuse”. Her mind doesn’t need to work with that of her husband, she is independent – what is she smart for? Why even bother to marry in the first place.
And prayers for 1 hour? Nooo….that is way too much. A whole one hour to pray? Is God that prayer broke to need a complete 60 minutes of prayer from a woman? Hannah is old school. Sarah is old school men. Even Mary in the temple is super old school. One hour is enough to dress up with geles and for stupid eye lashes but insufficient for supplication. Daddy GO, sorry sir, this is 2016 and the Bible is now an app so…
About guys working before marriage? I had worked in IGI Insurance, Image Consultants, First Bank of Nigeria, Oceanic Bank Plc, Vitafoam Nigeria Plc before anything like “I shall” happened some years back. I will feel very insulted to hear or read a debate about any guy not willing to till the earth before taking on marriage responsibility. Medical fees alone for a child in Yankee will leave you (oops me) without a choice but to be a Workaholic! I am one and I don’t care what you say about that. All die na die but when a man should be a man, it is wrong to be a sissy.
I ask, if Daddy GO was wrong, does the Bible qualify him as wrong or you do? After that I’d ask: who are you? You that a smart phone is almost “smarter” than? Oh please!
Data and a phone are no excuse for rancorous social disintellectualism. We are STILL Africans. Even if you do not cook, do no’t mislead others who choose to. Leave a Prophet alone and do him no harm.