Chelsea have been voted the most hated team in the Premier League. 
We are least surprised.
Let’s face it, Chelsea FC are hated. This fact isn’t subject to any form of debate. Ever wondered why people loathe the club so much? The reasons (my point of view) are two and are not far-fetched. From observation, most of their fans are aggressive and loud-mouthed. No apologies!
Chelsea fans are ubiquitous. In a football viewing center consisting of 50 fans, 25 support The Blues, others root for Manchester United, Arsenal and the rest. 15 out of the 25 will shout you down when you say anything against the club, the other 10 only watch and nod in agreement or disagreement. The ones that are active on social media will shut the internet down when they win and maintain pin-drop silence when they lose. Infact they come after supporters of other clubs and remind them of how their manager has failed to produce an epl title over the years. (Whispers Arsenal)  or how they walloped them 5-0 several seasons ago. Don’t get me wrong, fans of other club do this too but Chelsea fans take the lead.
The second reason, Jose Mourinho. He revels in conflict. His inflammatory statements and personal attacks on colleagues and (other) football players excite not a few Chelsea fans. Infact, during one of his reigns at the club, he criticized their supporters saying he found their lack of noise (have Chelsea fans ever lacked noise?) frustrating adding that they make it difficult for his players.   

Maybe everything will change now that they have a new manager.

Most hated Premier League clubs

2. Manchester United
3. Liverpool
4. Manchester City
5. Arsenal
6. Tottenham
7. Stoke City
8. West Ham
9. Sunderland
10. West Brom
11. Crystal Palace
12. Everton
13. Hull City
14. Middlesbrough
15. Swansea City
16. Southampton
17. Watford
18. Burnley
19. Leicester City

20. Bournemouth

Club-by-club hatred

Most hated by: Tottenham (92% of fans), Chelsea (87%), Stoke (82%)
Mostly hate: Chelsea (90%), Tottenham (86%), Manchester United (83%)
Most hated by: Watford (47%), Middlesbrough (16%), Southampton (12%)
Mostly hate: Manchester City (70%), Liverpool (65%), Chelsea/Manchester United (61%)
Most hated by: Middlesbrough (35%), West Brom (25%), Leicester/Stoke (21%)
Mostly hate: Middlesbrough (64%), Manchester United/Chelsea (60%)
Most hated by: Tottenham (91%), Arsenal (90%), Liverpool (87%)
Mostly hate: Arsenal (87%), Tottenham (85%), Manchester United (82%)
Crystal Palace
Most hated by: Watford (68%), Sunderland (63%), Stoke (41%)
Mostly hate: Manchester United (74%), Chelsea (63%), Liverpool (55%)
Most hated by: Southampton (66%), Liverpool (65%), West Ham (42%)
Mostly hate: Liverpool (94%), Chelsea (82%), Manchester United (71%)
Most hated by: Sunderland (59%), Swansea (48%), Burnley (44%)
Mostly hate: Chelsea/Liverpool (79%), Manchester City (62%)
Most hated by: Tottenham (25%), Watford (21%), Swansea/Burnley (16%)
Mostly hate: Tottenham (76%), Arsenal (71%), Manchester United (65%)
Most hated by: Everton (94%), Manchester United (93%), Hull (79%)
Mostly hate: Manchester United (93%), Chelsea (87%), Everton (65%)
Manchester City
Most hated by: Manchester United (93%), Chelsea/Bournemouth (70%)
Mostly hate: Manchester United (96%), Chelsea (76%), Liverpool (73%)
Manchester United
Most hated by: Manchester City (96%), Liverpool (93%), Arsenal (83%)
Mostly hate: Liverpool/Manchester City (93%), Chelsea (82%)
Most hated by: Burnley (64%), Sunderland (59%), Watford (37%)
Mostly hate: Chelsea/Sunderland (63%), Manchester City (59%)
Most hated by: Bournemouth (39%), West Ham (21%), Swansea (20%)
Mostly hate: Liverpool (71%), Everton/Tottenham (66%)
Most hated by: Swansea (56%), West Brom (55%), Arsenal (54%),
Mostly hate: Arsenal (82%), Liverpool (71%), Manchester United/West Brom (68%)
Most hated by: Middlesbrough (63%), Swansea (52%), Crystal Palace (43%)
Mostly hate: Chelsea/Crystal Palace (63%), Hull/Middlesbrough (59%)
Most hated by: Stoke (47%), Sunderland (18%), Burnley (16%)
Mostly hate: Chelsea (76%), Manchester United (60%), Manchester City/Stoke (56%)
Most hated by: Arsenal (86%), Chelsea (85%), Leicester (76%)
Mostly hate: Arsenal (92%), Chelsea (91%), Manchester United (64%)
Most hated by: Leicester (31%), Crystal Palace (27%), Bournemouth (26%)
Mostly hate: Chelsea/Crystal Palace (68%), Manchester City/United (58%)
West Brom
Most hated by: Stoke (68%), Crystal Palace (45%), Sunderland (44%)
Mostly hate: Manchester United (60%), Chelsea/Stoke (55%)
West Ham
Most hated by: Tottenham (63%), Crystal Palace (52%), Chelsea (48%)
Mostly hate: Chelsea (78%), Tottenham (74%), Manchester United (59%)