Braydon Brent, a 7 year-old Manchester City fan got the shock of his life after finding himself at the back of a taxi with the club’s new manager, Pep Guardiola. 

In The YouTube video which was titled ‘Pep’s Taxi’, he had believed he would be sharing the ride with CityTV presenter Chappy, but he later found out that there was an unexpected VIP guest on board. After settling down, the chap then asked where  the former Bayern Munich boss series of questions. He started by asking where City would keep all their trophies. 

Now we’ve got you, we’re going to win them all. We’re going to win all the trophies… where are we going to put them all?” He said 

Guardiola replied: ‘Are you sure? Okay, we’re going to try.’

Then came another impossible request
“I know Messi’s your friend, You might give him a call and see if he wants to join us and have a fun time?’

The 45 year-old has always been practical when it comes to Messi- City talk. So his reply was expected. 

Would be nice huh? But maybe it’s a little bit difficult.’
After the little boy was done with the grilling, he helped him get his seat-belt on at the start of their journey and then took selfies with him.