As the summer of 2016 winds down, Emvirtue will debut its SME ECONOMY CONFERENCE/Exhibition on the 17th of September. Themed, “Impact For Nation Building “. The exhibition part of the conference will be the biggest SME focused exhibition in 2016.

The SME ECONOMY Conference has been designed to focus on Innovation with100 exhibition spaces for SMEs with creative and innovative products and services. This has been deliberately focused because of the believe by the organizers that Africa will only emerge from its third world status through the oxygenization of young business startups and entrepreneurs to create innovation.
The goal is to provide a significant platform where African entrepreneurs can be empowered to up-scale their operations, expand income generation channels, get trained, get mentored and get out of poverty. We will provide a platform for knowledge sharing and networking, bringing together reputable companies and brilliant minds which are set to transform lives in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.
Nigeria has to be the country to lead the #InnovateAfica campaign for all of the reasons that have become obvious even to the blind. It is based on that knowledge that Emvirtue is leading the advocacy to empower entrepreneurs through Government Intervention, Private Sector Participation, and Media Engagement.

The SME ECONOMY CONFERENCE/Exhibition intends to shoot out these three gaps and help create a system that works. Entrepreneurs can very well take advantage of this platform and get out there to the big market.
Contact the Convener –  Emmanuel EM Ezima