Argentina legend, Diego Maradona has urged his compatriots to allow Lionel Messi enjoy his holiday. Shortly after Argentina lost to Chile at the Copa America final, the Barcelona player announced his retirement from international football, a decision that has left many shocked and pained till date. Appeals to have him reconsider his retirement are still ongoing especially in his country but the 29-year-old is yet to broach the topic again. 

Maradona who also urged the striker to rescind his decision said in an interview with La Red on Wednesday said the world’s best footballer’s decision should be respected.

Messi is telling us to stop busting his balls. With this Messi has told us ‘I am going on holidays, leave me alone and when you call me, I’ll think about it. I don’t want to talk about this anymore’. I think it’s great.
“These days everyone is a coach, everyone is a penalty-taker. No, it’s not like this. I see that people are meeting to talk about the subject, and I hear people who in their life have kicked one f**king ball and now they dare talk about football.

“Now when I see people talk about it, I change [the channel]. That’s it, it’s happened. We can’t go back. We have to construct a unified idea with Messi, but if he says no then we still have to put out a team on the pitch.