Ahead of Portugal’s match with Hungary at Euro 2016, the Portugal squad took a morning stroll in the gardens of their hotel complex, and a reporter approached Cristiano Ronaldo to ask him if he was ready for tonight’s game. The influential footballer grabbed the reporter’s microphone and threw it inside the lake.
The reporter didn’t go overboard with the question but before you pick the gavel, there’s more to the story.

Ronaldo and the media house the reporter works for, CMTV to be precise have a long-standing feud. According to reliable sources, the TV station wrote a lot of slanderous reports about him and his family so much that he sued them and won the case. In 2014, the Real Madrid talisman refused to answer a question from a CMTV journalist in a post match conference.

But the truth is that wasn’t a proper conduct. Whatever happened to ignoring the journalist?