The last hasn’t been heard of the case between former Chelsea first team doctor, Eva Carneiro, Chelsea and Jose Mourinho. Recall that the issue started when Mourinho faulted the doctor’s treatment of Eden Hazard during a home game last season and went ahead and called her impulsive and naive. 

The latest development is that the medical professional rejected a £1.2m settlement from the club in constructive dismissal case, according to documents submitted to her employment tribunal.
Albeit Mourinho wasn’t present at the hearing, he admitted to using the Portuguese word “filho da puta”, which means “son of of a b***h or whore”, towards Carneiro but said they had no sexist connotations.  ‘Cesc and I both speak English well, but in the heat of the game we both swear in our mother language. Eva was not on the pitch at that point in time.’ Mourinho added.
Part of Dr Caneiro’s legal argument reads, ‘This is a tale of two employees: one good (the claimant) and one bad (Mourinho). 
‘The bad employee forces the good employee out of the job of her dreams and the employer does nothing to stop it. 
‘The bad employee berates, sexually harasses and demotes the good employee for carrying out her professional duties, namely her health and safety duties as the first team doctor, pitch side. 
‘Rather then investigating and disciplining the bad employee, the employer allows the bad employee to confirm the demotion, both publicly and privately and to continue with his job. 
‘By comparison, the good employee’s demotion is confirmed and she is instructed to work and to ‘build bridges’ with the bad employee.’
The tribunal will begin hearing evidence from the 42-year-old doctor on Tuesday afternoon.