Lionel Messi’s defence in the tax fraud trial has been taken with a pinch of salt by the State Attorney. The Barcelona talisman who appeared in court yesterday  declared his innocence in the tax evasion charges levelled against him and his father by Spanish authorities. He denied knowledge of his finances saying it was his father who handled them. 

But the State Attorney felt his argument wasn’t convincing enough. He said he had zero credibility and was even compared to a ‘capo’  heading a criminal structure. 

‘At one point, Jorge Messi recognizes that he tells his son they will be needing (financial) advice. And then they speak no more about it? That has zero credibility.
Messi knew more than he is making out.
I don’t want to compare Messi to a Mafioso, but it’s as if he was the boss of a criminal structure.’ He said