Lionel Messi was at the Eighth Court of Barcelona today to testify over the €4.1 million tax fraud allegations levelled against him and his father, Jorge Messi . The 28 year-old vehemently denied knowledge of fraudulent activities, maintaining that all he did was to sign and entrust documents of deals with his father and lawyers and focus on his career.
 “I never asked my dad about these things. The truth is that, as I said before, I trusted him and the lawyers. I didn’t know anything about it, I just played football.” He told the court.
And on the existence of a company called Jenbril, registered in Uruguay to handle payments relating to his image rights, the World best footballer added: 

I didn’t know I was a member and manager of this company, I signed it because he [Jorge Messi] said so and I trusted him and the lawyers.
“All I knew was that I was signing a deal with sponsors to do adverts, photo shoots and things like that.
“I remember we went to a notary but I was 18 when I signed it and as you can imagine, I was in a different world. I don’t remember anything about it.”

His father, told the court his son “knew nothing about it”.