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Boy or girl? It is one of the first questions people ask pregnant women,
among the other usual ones. No sooner have you announced your
pregnancy, people begin guessing the baby’s gender. And, predicting a
baby’s gender is fun, and the curiosity is infectious. As a parent, you
could be curious about yourself and others.
You can also consider some gauging activity. But, can you predict a
baby’s gender simply by looking at the womb sans an ultrasound or any
medical technology?
And, many women gaze at the womb. We aren’t talking about the
pregnancy bump, but its shape. I remember someone asking me about the
form of my baby bump; whether it was oval or circular. I don’t know how
that could help reveal the baby’s gender or how it could be medically or
rationally supported.
But hey, there is some serious, sinister stuff about the whole gender
guessing thing. Because, how could our grannies guess correctly, most
times, even before there were procedures like ultrasounds? Is it a
family top-kept secret that only they keep? Is it art? Does it have any
psychic bearings? Or is it simply a sham?
While the medical field has come far enough to debunk these old granny’s
tales, but the stories refuse to go away. And you know why. Well,
sometimes they work out for no reason. Coincidence? No one knows. But
here are some interesting ways to predict your baby’s gender. So, read
on and be amazed:
1. Drano-Pee Mixture Test:
Mix nearly two tablespoons of Drano, a de-clogger, with ounces of
morning pee in a glass jar. Check for a smoky, chemical reaction. If the
mixture turns brown, it’s a boy. If the mixture doesn’t change, it’s a
girl. On occasions, the mixture could turn yellow or blue owing to the
noxious blend of urine and chemicals, but what you make of the final
color is your call. Moreover, it’s recommended that pregnant women steer
clear of these chemical reactions.

2. The Garlic Test:
This one is not for garlic haters. Eat a clove of garlic. If your skin
stinks for a long time, you are going to have a boy. If you don’t emit
any smell at all a few days later, then you are going to have a girl.
3. Baking Soda:
Take urine in a transparent cup containing two tablespoons of baking
soda. If the mixture fizzes out like soda, you’ll have a boy. If it
remains flat, it means you are going to have a girl.
4. Red Cabbage Test:
Buy some red cabbage. Chop it. Put the pieces in a bowl. Pour boiling
water in the bowl containing the chunks such that it the water covers
the whole stuff. Let it settle for 10 minutes. Decant the water into a
transparent glass. Now add few ounces of pee in it. If the color changes
to purple, you are going to have a boy. If it changes to pink, you will
have a girl!
5. The Ring Test:
This one has been popularized by young girls who acquired the wisdom
from their grandmas. All you need to do is to tie a string to a
distinctive ring. Suspend the string with the ring dangling from it. You
can ask a friend to help with setting the string into motion over your
belly or your wrist. If the ring oscillates to and fro like a pendulum,
it’s a boy. If it goes round in a circular motion, it’s a girl.
6. The Key Test:
Too simple to be called a ‘test.’ All you need to do is to ask family
or friends of moms-to-be to ask their pregnant friend to pick up a
house key. If she takes the key by the narrow end, it’s a girl. If she
picks it up by the rounded end, it’s a boy!
7. The Acne Test:
It is said that if you have a little girl inside you, she steals all
your beauty. It’s why some pregnant women become darker, have patchy
skin, or acne during pregnancy. On the other hand, if your skin remains
smooth, then you are going to have a boy.
8. The Mayan Test:
The Mayan way of predicting the gender of the baby took the woman’s
age during conception, and the year of birth into account. . If both the
numbers are odd or even, it’s a girl. If one is odd, the other is even;
it’s a boy.
9. Chinese Calendar:
Now, this one is a bit similar to the Mayan system, and women swear by
its accuracy. The Chinese calendar looks at the age when you conceive
and the month you conceive and calculates it according to their
calendar. And the result is typically 90 percent accurate. 
These, and much more, myths or mysterious ways of predicting a baby’s
gender have been a part of many cultures worldwide – some are universal
while some have their roots in popular culture. Wacky as it may sound,
but if your test has confirmed a prediction, then kudos, you have just
proven the ancient unexplained secret methods of predicting if it’s a
boy or a girl!
Culled from Babies Daily News