The International Football Association Board are introducing a new set of rules ahead of Euro 2016 tournament. Read them below.
– Players can receive medical treatment without leaving the pitch if the foul committed on them earns a card.
– Free-kicks for offside are taken from where the offence takes place rather than from where the player was flagged for offside.
– Players no longer need to wait for a break in play to return to the pitch after changing their equipment.
– Interference from personnel not involved in the match (i.e. substitutes or staff) is punishable by a direct free-kick rather than an indirect one.
– The referee can take disciplinary action from warm-up rather instead of when the teams first walk out to begin the match.
– Kick-offs don’t have to go forwards over the line – they can be passed backwards.
– Changes to penalties – such as the kick is not over until the ball stops moving. In the Moroccan Cup final a goalkeeper saved a penalty and ran off to celebrate but the ball spun back into his net.
Source: Fox Sports