Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi Compared by Ex-Real Madrid GM Jorge Valdano
The Ronaldo Vs Messi debate has been dominating discourse in the football world for the past 5 years. And going by their impressive spate of performances, the debate might not end soon. Former Real Madrid general manager Jorge Valdano, is the latest sports professional to weigh in on the topic.
 He reckons that Ronaldo is the player of the 21st century. Messi is from the street and Ronaldo the gym. He has more mechanical movements, more robotic. It starts with the ability to give the ball to a shirt of the same colour. For that, whether you’re big or small is indifferent.  The struggle between opposites is very entertaining and will never end. It’s as old as football and in 50 years there’ll be other names. added that Ronaldo can use his height and physicality to intimidate opponents while Argentinian Messi bamboozles with his perfect balance and movement.