A mild drama ensued during an interview involving songstress, Omawumi and a reporter of HFTV Africa today (honestly I don’t know when it was recorded but I saw the clip today). The ‘journalist’ asked, “you are a mother and it’s amazing because a lot of people want to be like you  but you have a smoking and drinking habit, how do you keep that away from your kids?”
That question grew thorns on her flesh but she kept her cool and replied,” I won’t honour you with a response. Then she let out a little steam. “I feel that is a taint to my character. Have you seen me smoking before? “ To which the lady replied.” No”. You see me as an artiste, I am contributing all I can, I make music the way I should. I  honour your invitation and then you talk about my smoking and drinking habit to people who buy my music. Do you mean me well. “
Knowing she had bitten more than she could chew, the presenter added that she heard it was a rumour and she wanted her to lift the lid on it. The infuriated singer calmly implored her to get her facts right and then she storming out of the interview….