Figo: "What's happening at Barcelona isn't normal"

Ex Real Madrid player Luis Figo has given his opinion on La Liga giants, Barcelona’s recent dismal performances and defeats.  The Portuguese who also played for the Catalans but left in year 2000 said the problem does not lie with the players. 

 “ I don’t normally speak to the Catalan press, but I’ll make an exception. 

Teams function on group dynamics. What’s happening to Barcelona isn’t normal. Losing so many games isn’t logical but when you’re in that situation everything that can go wrong does. It is a question of dynamics, not the quality of the players.”

“What happened with us under Queiroz?” I can’t explain it, what can I tell you? When you’ve been playing well all season and in one-week results go against you… these things happen, that’s sport, and only people who have played the game can understand how it is.”
“But the Liga has opened up and anything can happen.Things become more tense and there is a narrower margin of error and that is when the character of sides becomes apparent.  If you’re in a positive dynamic, you score three or four goals. If you’re in a negative one you can’t hit a rainbow. But you can’t question the quality of the players.” The retired footballer said.