This article was inspired by a friend of mine who asked me to write this so other ladies can learn from her mistake. She had a nice paying Oil and Gas job and was dating the guy of her dreams for 3 years, he then got a job in the US, so he asked her quit her job and follow him without a ring on it or any strong commitment, so she resigned and moved with him.
Fast-forward 4 months later in the US they broke up. She’s back in Nigeria now single, unhappy and unemployed. Conflict Resolution in Industrial and social Psychology has compromise as one of its major techniques of solving any problems or alleviating an Intense situation.
This being said, ladies don’t make a big compromise without a big commitment, it may sound selfish but it’s a form of “relationship Insurance”. A lot of ladies today allow emotions and  love cloud their basic cognitive or rational thoughts. Some ladies forfeit their masters or education for their boyfriends, quit jobs to be house wives, empty their accounts for their bf to start a business, move into a guys house ( washing, cleaning, cooking, sewing), refuse a promotion at work, step down from running for office or any campaign.

All these are good and perfect things to be done for your man if he has stepped up, when I mean step up I don’t mean a promise or engagement ring but a court registered wedding because engagements these days are ” a dime a dozen”. Some ladies have used up a lot of their Emotional, Physical, Financial resources on guys that will use those resources to elevate themselves and marry someone else. .

Every man wants and needs a supportive Partner, and ladies want recognition for helping their men but there are some sacrifices or compromise that require a strong commitment, you don’t want to be left hanging or lost in the wind. A lot of Ladies have suffered Depression, Bulimia, Suicide attempts  because they over comprised and their partner married someone else. Make smart decisions.. Big Compromise, Big Commitment.